Whether you are a real estate professional, small business owner, account rep, office administrator, or event coordinator at a large corporation, our commercial program is perfect for you. Graze Craze is the perfect solution to business meetings and luncheons. We can cover all your needs from personal lunchboxes to elaborate grazing tables for events and celebrations. Professionals from industries such as medical, insurance, manufacturing, and finance use Graze Craze commercial accounts for gifting to show a simple gesture of thank you, with confidence that delivery will always be on time, food will always be first-class with an artful presentation; saying to your customer or employee, "I value you and our business relationship". All commercial account holders enjoy our efficient ordering process and our concierge level of customer service, making sure that your brand is our primary concern.

Reasons to become a Graze Craze commercial account

Simple Ordering

All order requests are received via direct email from our commercial clients. Your credit card is kept on file with Graze Craze so that ordering is a one step process.

Marketing Materials

Graze Craze will include your marketing materials, such as business cards, to its box presentation providing you with additional branding opportunities.

Rewards Program

Graze Craze provides its commercial clients with a generous rewards program in the form of a food credit to cash out as you choose for business or personal use.

No Fuss, Fancy Feasting

When ordering a Graze Craze lunch gift to a client or an interoffice luncheon, our particular style of food will maintain its freshness at room temperature all day, if the actual lunch time varies for your office or client.

Green Olives
Artful Presentation

Our food is artfully created and packaged so that when intended as a gift, it is clearly interpreted as a gift.

Guaranteed On-Time Delivery

We take our delivery times as seriously as our food. The value of a lunch gift to a client is severely diminished if that delivery is late. For that reason, we take every delivery as serious as our food. You will have confidence in Graze Craze each time you place an order.